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Keiser Blackboard Learn Useful Tips & Final Words. Mozilla Firefox is the most recommended browser to use the Keiser University Blackboard Learn server on the internet. Also, a user must not forget to log out from the device and clear search or work history if they have accessed Keiser Blackboard Learn through the public network or device.

Gasolinera UNO 2c. al Sur San Marcos, Carazo, Nicaragua Phone: (505) 2278-6911 - (505) 2535-2314 Toll Free: 1 (800) 969- 1685

Faculty. Keiser University - Latin American Campus has a roster of qualified faculty with Ph.Ds and Master degrees from prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe who, in addition to being student-centered, have extensive teaching and professional experience.

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Keiser University's Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Engineering prepares students for entering the work force as skilled and highly trained technicians and problem solvers with an understanding of advanced engineering principles and technical skills in support of engineers and other professionals engaged in developing, installing, calibrating, modifying and maintaining electrical