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Posted by Bouthillier Abel on Monday, 17 February, 2020 14:16:23

Litmos Heroes have the best content library in the universe (probably) with reams of courses and over 15,000 learning resources available to online learners. All of these online course collections below are included in your subscription, except the Bloomberg courses which are only available to Litmos LMS users.

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This course teaches operational staff how to transport, assemble, and break down the Comet Air Tower. DMS Triage Tag Training This training is an introduction to the Disaster Management System EMT3 Triage Tag System and its implementation guidelines.

When you click on the Courses tab you will see a list of all of the courses that you have created in Litmos. To create a new course click on the green "Create a New Course" button, otherwise you can edit or manage the courses you have previously created by clicking on the relevant course title.

What is Litmos? Litmos is a platform for online learning, also known as a learning management system or LMS. How to get to Litmos? Use the following link to access Litmos: Learning.NationalService.gov. Do I need an email address to create an account? Yes, an email address is required to setup an account.

Learning Management System by Litmos Courses offered by Tower Safety: RF Awareness, Authorized Climber, Competent Rescuer, Competent Rigger and Train the Trainer for both RF and Climbing. Cell Tower Inspections 101(Introduction into Wireless): Tower Safety would like to give you a FREE 30 min. consultation with our Wireless Instructors.