My Kia Performance Center Login


My Kia Performance Center Login

Posted by Bram Adelle on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 02:21:13

If you are having problems while using My Kia Performance Center then you can contact the support center. If you are looking for assistance with login issues then you will need to contact your Dealer Administrator. If you are looking for technical support then you can contact the phone number 1-800-327-2707.

Login My Kia Performance Center Account - The KDealer online portal is the secured business to the business gateway to the KMA's (Kia Motors America) programs & systems.

FCA US LLC DealerCONNECT. Access to FCA US LLC's computer systems is controlled. UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OR USE IS PROHIBITED. Authorized users are hereby informed that FCA US LLC management may monitor this use and ensure compliance. FCA US LLC may terminate access privileges, take DISCIPLINARY

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Kia Motors America, Inc. (KMA) recommends that you carefully choose, and discuss with the Dealer Principal or Dealer Operator of your dealership, any person that you wish to grant access to, which also provides access to external applications and information on behalf of or for your dealership.