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Nuxt Login Page

Posted by Brin Aluin on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 14:00:23

The image above shows a simple front end app with some text. In all its simplicity, inspect the page source and you would be disappointed to find out that the text is not in the page source: Nuxt.js for Server-Rendered Vue Apps. Sarah Drasner wrote a great post on what Nuxt.js is and why you should use it. She also showed off some of the

I can't refresh page or open new tab of secure page after refresh or new tab will redirect me to login again Version Nuxt.js v2.9.1 @nuxtjs/module: 4.8.4 secure page middleware: ['auth'],

Don't forget to whitelist the URLs domains on the same page. Usually you will need localhost for running your Nuxt.js application in development and your custom domain for production. You're already done with the setup! Firebase SDK snippet

I have recently integrated AWS Amplify in my Nuxt.js website, I choose to didn't pass by the amplify-cli. My authentification is working great, but you have to go by yourself on the page /login.vue

The Vue.js Framework. Nuxt has 42 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

The /login route has a simple Button, which issues a request to the SirixDB HTTP-server. Nuxt.js generates a unique, unguessable state and a redirect_uri, which Nuxt.js sends to the GET /user/authorize route as URL parameters. The HTTP-Server redirects to a login-page of Keycloak and sends the two parameters as well